What I’ve Been Up to in November

As it turns out, I started posting on my site, heta.link, in November 2020, so it’s been a year! My very first post was the same monthly report on November 7th 2020 (Sep/Oct summary). Over the course of this year, I’ve built up a regular content production schedule, regularly created drawings, weekly newsletter, monthly Nostalgic Game Reviews, worked on my 1st storybook, and started creating my 1st game (but now getting a bit stuck). Also established and continue to refine a daily schedule that optimize my energy and time. Sometimes I do wish I am 20 years younger so I get the energy to do more and sleep less… but it is what it is, and I am just glad that I get to progress on both my career and personal projects while balancing the other needs (personal/family)

The Thanksgiving holidays, with a couple of weekends of family gathering, definitely made November shorter than previous months for me. And Omicron’s emergence again drives up anxiety across the globe, it also shows Covid19’s insistence to coexist with humans for the long term, by mutating into something that spreads fast yet incurring milder symptoms. Again, hopefully we are seeing the last stroke before this pandemic de-escalates.

Here are the things that kept me busy this past month, aside from the day-to-day ‘job’ related stuff…

Creating and hacking stuffs

  • Game Development – I’ve been stuck with zero progress on this for the third month now, but I am taking action to address this now, making schedule adjustments to try to do this at a more optimal time (it was 6am, 3 days a week, which has proven… impossible to me).
  • Drawings – I continue to develop my skill and style, for both drawing and calligraphy
  • WritingAside from my blog, monthly Nostalgic Game Review column, and Medium publication, I continue to develop an illustration storybook. This month I’ve continued to draft sketch for another 12 pages (slacked off for the Thanksgiving week :p), and it’s looking like this now:

Consuming Stuffs

  • Reading – finished reading Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’ (It gets tedious at times, but overall I love it!), getting back to my reading queue to catch up on nonfiction articles for now; Continue reading ‘The Secret of Lost Stones
  • Gaming – I finished ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence‘, its 17 chapters felt short yet the final boss battle was epic! Started ‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice‘ and liking it a lot (although it’s disturbing and frightening at times :D)
  • TV/Movies – Watched Dune on HBO Max (love it!); Devs (interesting, yet they let some moments dragged on for a bit too long); Doom Patrol (oddly funny, getting more interesting after couple of episodes); 司马懿之虎啸龙吟 – highly recommended if you understand Chinese and are into ‘Three Kingdoms’ (三國) stories. This is a follow-up to the also very well done Part One season (each season has 50+ episodes btw, very different than how it is in US)

If you really finished reading the above, I thank you, and wish that my sharing would either entertain you, or inspire you (if you’ve been thinking about your own creative projects). Next issue of this topic will be in 2022! So have a wonderful holiday season, take a nice, well deserved break and recharge for an exciting 2022!