Qin (秦)

“Qin: Rise of the First Emperor” is the first game by Heta Studio.

Created as an action game similar to “Double Dragon” or “TMNT”, the player plays the role of Ying Zheng, who would eventually unite China and become the 1st emperor of the Qin dynasty.

The game, when fully completed, would have various power-ups, interesting boss fights, and special attacks that will keep players coming back for more! (for now, the pre-release version only has a skeletal features of these) And by playing through the game, the experience would help the players learn the history of East Zhou and the establishment of Qin dynasty.

A fun game that also helps players learn knowledge.

Now available on Google Play store (android / Chromebooks), Itch.io & gd.games (Windows/Mac/iOS… any devices with a browser) – and playable with keyboard or touchscreen!

Pet Crew

GDevelop Game Jam #2 Submission

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