SKETCHING – 唐詩三百首 – 與高適薛據同登慈恩寺浮圖, 岑參

30 sec creation video 與高適薛據同登慈恩寺浮圖, 岑參塔勢如湧出,孤高聳天宮。登臨出世界,磴道盤虛空。突兀壓神州,崢嶸如鬼工。四角礙白日,七層摩蒼穹。下窺指高鳥,俯聽聞驚風。連山若波濤,奔湊似朝東。青槐夾馳道,宮館何玲瓏。秋色從西來,蒼然滿關中。五陵北原上,萬古青濛濛。淨理了可悟,勝因夙所宗。誓將掛冠去,覺道資無窮。

What I’ve Been Up To In May (Major Change Announcement)

It is time for some changes, and I am happy to announce that this monthly update will turn into a newsletter and also the launch of my first illustration book! Please sign up! My monthly newsletter will always be free, and as an iteration of my monthly update blog, it will continue to be a…