Week of November 22

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Welcome to my weekly letter, where I share a few noteworthy articles and my own commentary. Without further ado…

Weekly Read

  • This Software Aims to Make Your Flight Smoother—and Help the Planet (Wired) – at first I thought this was going to be another improvement by our AI overlord… surprisingly No, it is a software update to make coordination between various players – operators, air traffic control, airlines – more effective. It’s a nice reminder on how we human can still solve problems by KISS (keep-it-simple-stupid) without AI 🙂
  • AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag (Wired) – AI’s language model is still at the early stage of product lifecycle where big prices is paid to cover the innovation/development costs; but a few years down I can see how competitions will drive down the costs the same way it did to general computing, storage, search engines, and cloud computing. Then the handful of remaining players will win markets by their own specializations and caveats (if AI hasn’t created the Matrix and put us in it yet 😉
  • How AI digital twins help weather the world’s supply chain nightmare (technologyreview.com) – TL;DR: digital twins is just a fancy way to call AI assisted simulations. Now, if there’s a way to tell that the players are dealing with simulation or the real world? Remember the Ender’s Game?
  • This country moved its government online. Here’s why that wouldn’t fly in the U.S. (Fast Company) – interesting read on Estonia’s journey into digitizing their day-to-day lives. The US would not only share the same technical challenge on bootstrapping, attestation, recovery, but also possess the non-technical challenges such as our political system.
  • This Company Is Making Digital Humans To Serve The Metaverse (The Verge) – I don’t know, the graphic looks nice in still but looking at the speech motion there are definitely still subtleties which you can tell it’s just computer rendered. And that will just be a new face of the next telemarketing bot…

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend!

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