What I’ve Been Up to In October

October was a beautiful month in the Bay Area. With the COVID numbers a bit more steady here, my family and I started to slowly re-engage with the community: ice skating at SF’s Yerba Buena Ice rink, pizzas at MOD, boba tea stops, and pumpkin patch, even did a brunch with a few friends. For a moment, it almost felt like being back to normal. Then I remembered the mask I was still wearing; the anxiety when a non-family without mask approaches us; the ambivalence when my wife asked me to take a COVID test after the social meetup just to be safe as we were planning to visit our in-laws; the eagerness to get back to work with coworkers in-person, knowing that even with a perfectly setup safety protocol, vaccination and testing mandates, I would still just dread the bay area commute.

It is such an interesting and contradictory time we are living in.

Here are the things that kept me busy this past month, aside from the day-to-day ‘job’ related stuff…

Creating and hacking stuffs

  • Game Development – have I mentioned that making a game is hard? 😀 However, that’s no excuse for my lack of progress this month. It seems like I’ve been losing the battle against my focus and the lack of sleep… crossing my fingers for better progress in November…
  • Drawings – this is the 3rd year I’ve participated in Jake Parker‘s #inktober event. Everyday I followed a topic ‘word’ to draw something and post it. It was probably more mentally draining than physically exhausting, but I’m happy that I’ve done it! Here is a quick snapshot of them, but check out my blog for each of them.
  • Drawings – I continue to develop my skill and style, for both drawing and calligraphy

  • Writing – Aside from my blog and Medium publication, I continue to develop an illustration storybook. This month I’ve started to draft sketch it page-by-page for 14 pages, and it’s looking like this:

Consuming Stuffs

  • Reading – in order to free up the time for #inktober this month, I decided to take a break from reading ‘A Promised Land’ but started reading ‘The Secrets of Lost Stone‘ by Melissa Payne on my Kindle over the weekends.
  • Gaming – Hades, switching from Metro Last Light Redux to this game on my queue: “A Plague Tale: Innocence” and really loving the game. It has a linear yet engaging storytelling, beautiful graphics and voice acting, and simple yet interesting enough gameplay (mostly stealth and puzzle solving) so I am down for that.
  • TV/Movies – finished Marvel’s ‘What If…?’; started Devs (interesting, but a lot of great shots of the bay area and high tech company culture); also started Y: The Last Man (ok, it’s not perfect, but it’s also not as bad as some critics are saying.)

If you really finished reading the above, I thank you, and wish that my sharing would either entertain you, or inspire you (if you’ve been thinking about your own creative projects). Until next month!