Week of October 25

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Welcome to my weekly letter, where I share a few noteworthy articles and my own commentary. Without further ado…

Weekly Read

  • To Learn More Quickly, Brain Cells Break Their DNA (Wired) – a fascinating find that DNA double strand breaks actually means our brain is learning or memorizing. But I wonder, how did the previous scientists establish the connection between this phenomenon and symptoms such as cancer, aging, or neuro-degeneration?
  • Short on Evidence, Dubious Therapies Turn to the Tongue (UnDark) – TL;DR: tongue exercise is probably good, but NOT surgery. Moral of the story – don’t take doctor’s surgery suggestions verbatim… do some research and have a real discussion about the associated risks first.
  • ‘Neurograins’ Could be the Next Brain-Computer Interfaces (Wired) – so, we are definitely still quite a while before we can have something like Professor X’s Cerebro… if we don’t want potential brain damage, that is.
  • The Journey to Define Dimension (Quanta Magazine) – the piece dives into fractals, Koch curve, Hausdorff dimension, but I still prefer to stick with H.G. Wells’ romanticized, may be inaccurate definition: 4th dimension is time 😉

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend!

Stay Tuned…

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