Week of July 26

Welcome to my weekly letter, where I share a few noteworthy articles and my own commentary. Without further ado…

Weekly Read

  • How Citizen sparked a $30,000 manhunt for the wrong guy (Vox:recode) – it is not easy to be a vigilante… unless you are Bruce Wayne with all the resources to fact check everything…
  • All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads (Wired) – a discussion on how to fairly tax the vehicles owners by usage (mileage), while gas vehicles will be taxed at a higher rate; hopefully by that time we are all taking self-flying drone taxis? 🙂
  • Love Is the Last Word: Aldous Huxley on Knowledge vs. Understanding and the Antidote to Our Existential Helplessness (BrainPickings) – again a nice post from my favorite philosophy blog/newsletter. Somehow this line sticks with me: “Understanding is not conceptual, and therefore cannot be passed on. It is an immediate experience, and immediate experience can only be talked about (very inadequately), never shared. Nobody can actually feel another’s pain or grief, another’s love or joy or hunger.” 
  • Innovation gets (mostly) harder (New Things Under the Sun) – this newsletter is another gem I stumbled upon a while ago. The author, Matt, does great analysis and this time is about the importance of R&D investment and how it impacted the economy overall. 
  • Indie Video Games Have Finally Embraced the Tabletop Scene (Wired) – as someone who grew up playing AD&D (originally a tabletop/card board game) games on PC, I found it unbelievable that it took this long for game developers to realized such the missed opportunities to turn more tabletop games into digital entertainment.  But I look forward to the new era of gaming innovations on this vine.

That’s it for this week! Have a nice weekend!

Stay Tuned…

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