Welcome to my weekly newsletter!

“First Post”

Wow, we are really doing this 🙂 Welcome to my weekly newsletter! I’m very excited to share a few things started this week:

  1. Enrique’s Weekly (This newsletter): Each week I will talk about 3 ~ 5 random, mostly tech related, news and something called ‘Nostalgic Game Review’ about an old game I used to play. It would be fun for slightly ‘tenured’ ppl like myself but also hopefully interesting for slightly ‘younger’ ppl to reflect on game history.
  2. Enrique’s Game Dev Monthly: yes, I’ve been wanting to build a game since… when I was young, but life happened and I’ve been procrasternating. Recently I’ve put in more time to really look more into this. I will be sharing my progress, large or small, via this newsletter.
  3. Twitch channel: from time to time I may drop in and stream as I draw stuffs on iPad/Procreate or pixel arts and other arts. Maybe some gaming too, but don’t expect hardcore or competitive gaming as I really don’t play those types… The type of game I play: think Half-life/Portal, Bioshock series, Uncharted, and God of Wars, and some RPGs. Yes, stories, lore, mysteries are important for me.

I’m also exploring Medium on writing more seriously, and perhaps Patreon, but I think those may be further down the road. If that happened you will hear from me here for sure!

Most of the stuffs I shared will also be cross-posted on my blog @ heta.link

Any feedback is appreciated, please drop me a message!

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